Facts About the Horseradish Information Council


The Horseradish Information Council is comprised of six horseradish processors working together to broaden the appeal and increase year-round usage of commercially processed horseradish and related products. The Council's key message to consumers and foodservice users of horseradish is that this unique vegetable root, long admired for its effects on beef and seafood, is very versatile.

The Horseradish Information Council is managed by Kellen Company. Kellen Company is a leading global professional services company providing association management, strategic consulting and customized solutions to a substantial and diversified client base that includes associations, societies, foundations, charities, corporations and entrepreneurs. Founded in 1964, the firm maintains offices in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Brussels, Beijing and Singapore.

Gold's Pure Food
Products Company, Inc.
Seminole Foods Morehouse Foods, Inc. Silver Spring Gardens, Inc. Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. Brede, Inc.



Gold's Pure Food Products Company, Inc.


Gold's Pure Food Products Company, Inc.

#1 Brooklyn Road
Hempstead Village, New York 11550
Phone: 516/483-5600
Fax: 516/483-5798
E-Mail Address: steven@Goldshorseradish.com
Web Address: www.Goldshorseradish.com


Gold's Pure Food Products is a family-owned business, founded by Tillie and Hyman Gold's in 1932. The current business owners are their grandchildren, Marc, Neil, Steven, and Howard Gold's. The company manufactures condiments, mustard, sauces and soups and is perhaps best known for Gold's Horseradish.

When the company began, Tillie and Hyman cut and grated the horseradish roots by hand, measured and mixed ingredients, filled the jars and pasted on the labels all by hand. In order to maintain the freshness of an all-natural product, it was delivered by pushcart to the customers immediately after manufacturing. Over the years as the demand for Gold's Horseradish increased, the need to automate the operation was apparent. But, though mass-produced, the products were still processed and packaged with the same care and principles that made their product a household name.

Despite an outcry by the Brooklyn neighborhood it operated in for decades, Gold's moved its headquarters to Hempstead Village in 1993 with the purchase of another family business, Baker Brands. Gold's Pure Food Products offers a broad line of horseradish, mustards, sauces and other specialty products, all under the Gold's label.

For more information, contact: Gold's Pure Food Products at 516/483-5600.

Seminole Foods, Inc.  


Seminole Foods, Inc. 

1966 Commerce Circle
Springfield, OH 45504
Phone: 937-531-2517
Toll Free: 800-881-1177
Fax: 937-323-1099

Email Addresses:
Sales & Marketing: marylerchen@seminolefoods.com
Customer Service: sanillesparks@seminolefoods.com
Web Address: www.seminolefoods.com


Seminole Foods manufactures high quality horseradish and sauces for the retail, food service and industrial markets. Brands include Seminole, Chadalee Farms and Meyer's.

For more information, contact Mary Lerchen, National Director Sales/Marketing.

Morehouse Foods, Inc.


Morehouse Foods, Inc.

760 Epperson Drive P.O. Box 8518
Industry, California 91748
Phone: 626/854-1655
Fax: 626/854-1656
E-Mail Address: info@morehousefoods.com
Web Address: www.morehousefoods.com


Morehouse Foods, Inc., based in California, was founded in Chicago in 1898 by Miles Morehouse and his son Lou. When the family moved to Los Angeles in 1913, Morehouse became the first West Coast mustard manufacturer. The Latter family relocated to Los Angeles the same year. In 1919, soon after meeting the Morehouse family, the two became business partners with the opening of a second Morehouse plant in Emeryville, California. Together the two families were the first to develop packaged horseradish for mass distribution in the West.

In 1969, the Latter family acquired complete ownership of the company. Today, Morehouse Foods is managed by the fourth generation of the Latter family in the state-of-the-art facility in Californias City of Industry.

Morehouse horseradish and mustards are widely distributed throughout the western U.S. and exported around the world under the Morehouse brand as well as many private labels.

For more information, contact: David Latter at 626/854-1655.


Silver Spring Gardens, Inc.


Silver Spring Gardens, Inc.

2424 Alpine Road
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703
Phone: (715) 832-9770
Web Address: www.silverspringfoods.com

Silver Spring Gardens, Inc. is the World's largest grower and processor of horseradish. A family business for over 75 years, Silver Spring takes great pride in the quality horseradish they grow and prepare for retail, food service, private label, and industrial markets.

Silver Spring was founded in 1929 when Ellis Huntsinger started growing horseradish and other vegetable crops on a few acres of land near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In those days, he bottled horseradish by hand and sold it locally to supplement his income during Wisconsin's cold winter months.

Today, Silver Spring grows horseradish on over 9,000 acres of farmland, bottles horseradish in a new state of the art facility and distributes a wide variety of horseradish products nationally. Silver Spring maintains the highest quality product by refrigerating its horseradish from field to factory and from production to your local grocer.

Look for Silver Spring's innovative flavors including Cranberry Horseradish Sauce, Pineapple Apricot Horseradish Sauce, and Wasabi Horseradish.

For more information, coupons, recipes and where to find Silver Spring, visit www.silverspringfoods.com.

Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.

Tulkoff Food Products Maryland

2301 Chesapeake Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21222
Phone: 410/327-6585
Fax: 410/327-7033
E-Mail Address: info@tulkoff.com
Web Address: www.tulkoff.com

Tulkoff Food Products California

705 Bliss Avenue
Pittsburg, California 94565
Phone: 925/427-5157
Fax: 925/427-2388
E-Mail Address: info@tulkoff.com
Web Address: www.tulkoff.com

For all retail and foodservice needs, please call 800/638-7343.

Tulkoff began in Baltimore during the late 1920's as a produce stand run by Harry and Lena Tulkoff, specializing in supplying caterers with fresh fruits and vegetables. Their prepared horseradish became so popular that eventually, other products were dropped in order to concentrate on the horseradish.

In 1980, having outgrown previous sites, Tulkoff moved to a larger facility with a refrigerated storage area the size of a city block, capable of storing millions of pounds of horseradish roots at a constant optimum temperature.

Still family-owned, Tulkoff has come a long way since its modest beginning in the 1920's. Although the horseradish roots haven't really changed, production techniques and quality control methods are constantly being up-dated so the company can continue to provide a stronger, superior horseradish with an extended shelf life. For the past five years, Tulkoff Horseradish has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal Award from The American Tasting Institute for its excellence in taste, appearance and freshness.

While selectively widening its product line, Tulkoff has maintained its enviable reputation for product reliability and customer satisfaction. In addition to its own brands, Tulkoff packs private label for the leading major foodservice distributors and buying groups. Nationwide distribution has been enhanced with the opening of a new Tulkoff plant in northern California.

For more information, contact Tulkoff Food Products at 800/638-7343.

Brede, Inc.


Brede, Inc.

19000 Glendale Avenue
Detroit Michigan 48223
Phone: 313/273-1079
Fax: 313/273-4110
E-Mail Address: info@bredefoods.com
Web Address: www.bredefoods.com

Brede, Inc. has been in business since 1929. While many other food manufacturers come and go, we have survived economic fluctuations, consolidations, buyouts, etc. and are still producing the finest horseradish on the market. There are a variety of reasons why we are still producing after three generations.

Our horseradish is all natural, no additives, and no preservatives. We contract from three farms in two countries to insure only the whitest, hottest root is used. In our sauces, you will find nothing, but the root, salt, and vinegar. That is the way horseradish should be made.

All of our products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, the largest certification organization in the country. We also produce Kosher for Passover.

In addition to extraordinary products, our service is second to none. Most orders can be shipped within days of receiving the order and we always accommodate the occasional rush shipments with same day shipping. Our pricing is always at or below the competition and we do offer periodic promotions to keep our products moving off the shelves.

We pride ourselves on quality and service. For over 70 years, we have kept horseradish lovers happy all over the country.

For more information, contact Mike Brede at 313-273-1079.