Horseradish Recipes


Horseradish Recipes

A complete list of all available recipes.

At First Bite (Appetizers)
Acorn Squash Soup
Apple Salad Hudson Valley
Artichoke Cocktail
Artichoke Dip
Atomic Horseradish Avocado Sauce
Bacon Horseradish Dip
Bacon Horseradish Crescent Squares
Baked Stuffed Sandwiches
Barbecued Oysters with Champagne Horseradish Granita
Beefradish Spread
Boston Bean Bake Soup
Bread Stick Spread
Brunschweiger Ball
Bruschetta with Horseradish-Roasted Garlic Spread
Bucking Broncos
By The Bay Cheese Appetizer
Cajun Oyster Dip
Cheddar Horseradish Rangoons and Dipping Sauce/Marinade
Chilled Tomato Soup w/Mint
Chipped Beef Cheese Ball
Chipped Beef Spread
Chip Dip
Crab Dip
Crabmeat Hors d’oeuvres
Cran-Deviled Eggs
Cream of Horseradish and Vegetable Soup
Cream of Horseradish Soup with Peas & Bacon
Creamy Horseradish and Salmon Roll-Ups
Creamy Horseradish Dip
Creamy Horseradish Stuffed Cheese
Crisp Creamy Horseradish Appetizers
Cucumber Rounds
Dee's Tangy Relish Dip
Devilish Beer Balls
Devilish Dip
Dilly Lemon Horseradish Cream Dip/Sauce
Easy Delicious Deviled Eggs
Ensworth Family Horsey Sauce
Fabulous Red Bean Relish
Firecracker Salsa
Galloping Beet & Horseradish Mold
Gameday Tripetas
Green Dotted Dip
Ham and Cheese Canapés
Ham Cubes
Holiday Cheese Ball
Honey Dijon Mustard Wings with a Kick
Horseradish Bean Dip
Horseradish Beefy Cheese Ball
Horseradish Butter
Horseradish Cheese Dip
Horseradish Cheese Hors d'oeuvres
Horseradish Cheddar Log
Horseradish Cheddar Log 2
Horseradish Cheddar Pate
Horseradish Cheese Spread
Horseradish Chicken Salad
Horseradish Cream Cheese Bites
Horseradish-Crusted Baked Shrimp
Horseradish Dip
Horseradish Ham Dip
Horseradish Hollandaise Sauce
Horseradish Honey Sauce
Horseradish Ice Cream with Red Tomato Vinaigrette
Horseradish Kissed Flaked Flounder Dip
Horseradish Pineapple Dip
Horseradish Port Wine Cheese Spread
Horseradish Rumaki Appetizers
Horseradish Salsa
Horseradish Tomato Salsa
Horseradish Wasabi Sauce with Meatballs
Horsey Cheese Puff with Bacon
Horsey Crab Spread
Horsey Quesadillas
Horsey Salsa
Horsey Wing Sauce
Hot Cheese Soup Dip
Hot Cheese Spread
Hot Chicken Spread
Hot Crab Dip
Hot Cranberry Horseradish Dip
Hot Horseradish Crab Dip
Hot 'n Spicy Savannah Artichoke Crab Delight
Hot 'n Sweet Horseradish Walnuts
Hot Reuben Dip
Hot Seafood Dip
Hot Spinach-Horseradish Dip
Hottest Cold Shrimp/Celery Dip
Jazzy Jezebel Party Starter
Jezebel Sauce
Key West Lime Sauce
Kick'in Horseradish Chicken Salad
Knot Hot Pizza???
Lemon - Horseradish Sauce
Lobster Tails by Doris
Mammy's Hammy Packs a Whammy!
Molded Salmon Dip
New Year’s Eve Wraps
Old World Chopped Liver
Party Spread
Perky Horseradish Dip
Punjabi Dip for Vegetables
Quick & Easy Seafood Sauce
Radish Horseradish Spread
Redneck Cheese Dip
Salami Stacks
Sarah's Horse Shrimp Spread
Sassy Crab Dip
Sausage and Horseradish Stuffed 'Shrooms
Saucy Nag Shrimp Crostini
Savory Horseradish Cheesecake
Seafood Dip
Shrimp & Cream Cheese Dip
Shrimp Nibblers
Sizzling Seafood Nachos
Smoked Gouda and Horseradish Stuffed Mushrooms
Smoked Salmon on Red Potatoes with Horseradish Sour Cream
Smoked Salmon Spread
Smoked Trout Mousse
Smokey Beef and Horseradish Spread
Smokey Sausage Crescents
Snappy Veggie Dip.html
Sour Cherry Salad
Southwestern Horse Dip
Spiced Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
Spicy Cocktail Sauce
Spicy Horseradish Guacamole
Spring Zing Salad
St. Pat's Smiling Dip
Stuffed Celery
Swiss Carrot Salad
Tamari-Horseradish Dip
Tangy Horseradish Dip
Tangy Horseradish Dip for Vegetables
Tuna Dip
Victorian Shrimp Cocktail Sauce
Whipped Blue Radish Cheese Dip
Wisconsin Feta and Mushroom Strudel
World's Best Pimento Cheese Spread
Yule Log
Zesty Cheese Spread
Zesty Cheese Roll
Zesty Horseradish Dip
Zesty Shrimp Horseradish Dip
Zip Dip
Zippity-Do-Da Guacamole
Zippy Cheese-Filled Tomato Bites
Zippy Chicken Pillows
Zippy Dippy
Zippy-Dippy Spread
Zippy Fish Pate du Jour
Main Attractions (Main Dish Recipes)
A Fish Called Golda

Apricot Chicken Salad
Awesome Roast Beef Wraps
Baked Chicken in Horseradish Cream
Baked Salmon Filets
Barbequed Beef Brisket
BBQ Horsey Chicken
Beefy Sandwiches
Beths Better Beef Brisket
Bill's Incredible Meatloaf
Bloody Mary Brunch
Braised Barbecued Short Ribs
Braised Turkey Thighs w/Horseradish Cranberry Sauce
Breakfast Kitchen Sink
Cajun Shrimp and Crab Scampi
Caterer’s Cube Steak
Cheesy Bacon Beef Sandwiches
Chef Baldi’s Bleu Cheese & Horseradish Sirloin
Chicken Horseradish Delight
Chicken in a Horsey Blanket
Chicken on the Grill
Chicken Salad Melt
Chilean Sea Bass with Horseradish Ginger Crust
Classic Roast Beef Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Melt
Cool Shrimp Salad.html
Cool Tuna Salad
Corned Beef and Horseradish
Crabby Winter Warmer
Creamy Beet Soup
Creamy Radish Walnut Crescent Rolls
Creole Oyster Sauce
Crisp Grilled Salmon with Horseradish Sauce
Day After Turkey Sandwich
Delicious Chicken with Horseradish
Deviled Egg Salad Wraps
Dried Beef Rollups
East Indian Chicken Kabobs in an Orange Yogurt Marinade
Easy Baja Fish Tacos
Easy Oven Stew
Elegant Chicken Rolls with Horseradish
Family Vegetable Casserole
Festive Turkey Salad Burritos
Flank Steak Extraordinaire
"Flat" Chicken
Fresh Vegetable Pizza
Fried Dogs and Sausages in BBQ Sauce
Game Time Rolls
Glazed Corned Beef
Gooey Burger
Grandma's Brisket
Great Meatloaf
Grilled Eye Round with Horseradish Sour Cream
Grilled Rib Eye with Roasted Garlic Maple Horseradish Sour Cream
Grilled Sea Scallops w/Horseradish
Grilled Steak Salad with Horseradish Cream Dressing
Grinder Deluxe with a Honey Horseradish Dijon
Ham and Horseradish Stromboli
Ham and Horseradish Strudel
Hamburger Horsey Sauce
Have Some Kielbasa with your Horseradish
Heavenly Horseradish with Scented Salmon & Orange Sauce
Herbal Marinated Chicken
Horse'in Around Shrimp Burgers
Horseradish BBQ Sauce and Chickenbreast
Horseradish and Blue Cheese Sauce
Horseradish & Citrus Crusted Chicken Breasts
Horseradish and Peppercorn Brandy Crusted Steaks
Horseradish Chicken Enchiladas
Horseradish Chicken Sandwich Filling
Horseradish Chicken with Almond Cream Gravy
Horseradish Crab Salad
Horseradish Crusted Halibuts
Horseradish Crusted New York Strip Steak
Horseradish Crusted Prime Rib
Horseradish Crusted Salmon
Horseradish Crusted Salmon #2
Horseradish Crusted Salmon #3
Horseradish Crusted Salmon Bake
Horseradish Crusted Pork Loin
Horseradish Encrusted Salmon
Horseradish Crusted Tuna Salad
Horseradish Crusted Tuna Steaks
Horseradish Encrusted Salmon with Three Citrus Spinach SautŽ
Horseradish Encrusted Whole Roasted Chicken
Horseradish-Garlic Roasted Tenderloin with Horseradish Cream
Horseradish Ham and Potato Casserole
Horseradish Leg of Lamb
Horseradish Marinade/Dipping Sauce
Horseradish Marinade for Steak
Horseradish Meatloaf
Horseradish & Mushroom Crusted Salmon With Horseradish Cream Sauce
Horseradish Oven-Baked Chicken Breasts
Horseradish Pastry
Horseradish Pot Roast
Horseradish Roast Beef Sandwich
Horseradish Rubbed Pork Loin
Horseradish Stuffed Muscovy Duck Breasts with Port Wine Mango Sauce
Horseradish Stuffed Roast Beef
Horseradish Tomato Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Horseradish Tortellini Toss
Horsey Beef Sandwiches
Horsey Burgers
Horsey Ham Alfredo Bake
Horsey Sweet Chicken Salad
Hurry Horseradish Pasta Pea Salad
Irish Potato Salmon Cakes with Horseradish Sauce
Jane's Potato-Topped Fish Fillets
Jo's Frosted Salmon
Kickin' Fried Shrimp Horsey Beignets
Knock Your Socks Off Rib Eye Steaks
Lobster Tails by Doris.html
Marinated Flank Steak with Warm Horseradish Vinaigrette
Marmalade Glazed Chicken Strips
Mexican Lasagna
Mini-Horseradish Meat Loaves
Minted Horseradish Bowties
Mountain Hot Marinade
My Favorite Meatloaf
Not Your Mama’s Pot Roast
O-Yea Pork Chops
Patty's Famous Meatballs
Party Perfect Smoked Trout
Perfect Corned Beef
Pot Roast
Potato Crusted Tuna
Pack-a-Punch Veggie Pockets
Papillon Sandwich
Passover Easter Herbal Beef Marinade
Perked-Up Pockets
Pork Colorado.html
Pow Wow Chicken
Potato Horseradish Crusted Salmon Filet
Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Quick Cassoulet
“Rad” Cajun Seafood Patties
Ranch House Roast Beef Sandwich
Ravishing Jasmine Shrimp Au Portabella
Roast Beef & Horseradish Roll-ups
Roasted Peppers and Roast Beef Havarti Melt
Red Pepper Horseradish Soup
Reuben Fondue
Ribs & Roots BBQ Sauce
Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Mayonnaise
Rootie Tenderloin
Rooty Sirloin Tips
Rooty's Cold Pasta Sauce
Salisbury Steaks and Gravy
Salmon Broiled with Ranch - Horseradish Sauce
Salmon Filets with Horseradish Sauce
Salmon Horsey Hash
Salmon Pizza with Horseradish Soufflé
Salmon with Horseradish and Chive Butter
Salmon with Horseradish Crust
Saucy Horseradish Chicken
Savory Chicken Salad
Savory Chuck Roast
Seafood Pizza with Pizzazz
Sea Horse Crab Rounds
Seared Hot Tuna Medallions on Horseradish Coleslaw
Seared Salmon w/Horseradish Tomato Vinaigrette
Shamrock Broccoli Roll-ups
Shinnecock Tuna Sandwich
Shrimp Pie
Shrimp Rumaki with Cocktail Sauce
Shrimphorse Cocktail
Shrimp with Hot, Sweet and Savory Horseradish Sauce
Sirloin Marinade
Sirloin Prime Rib Style with Horseradish Cream
Sloppy Toms
Slow Cooked Horseradish Potroast
Smoked Salmon Sandwich Filling
Snappy Roast Beef Sandwiches
SoHorsey Salmon
South Pacific Beef kabobs
Spicy Chicken Supreme
Spicy Crab Enchiladas
Spicy Ham & Bean Soup
Spicy Noodles Carbonara
Spicy Clam Gazpacho
Spicy Summer Soup with Horseradish
Split Pea Soup with Ham 'n Horseradish
St. Paddy's Day Potato Cabbage Casserole
Standing Rib Roast Enveloped in Horseradish
Steak Aphrodite
Steak with Horsey Sauce
Sweet and Sour Hot Chicken
Sweet and Spicy Roast
Tangy Hot Chicken Sandwiches
Swiss Steak
Tangy Grilled Thai Thighs
Tangy Hot Chicken Sandwiches
Tangy Meatballs
Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce
Toasty Toasted Crabmeat Rollups
Trout with Horseradish Sauce
Tuna Delight
Turkey Meatball Pitas
Tzimmes Florentine
Unfishy Fish
Veal Chop Turino
Wasabi Horseradish Firecracker Snapper
White Cheese Soup
Winter Horseradish Beef & Potatoes
Zesty Beef Rollups
Zesty Horseradish Steak
Zesty Reuben Pizza
Zesty Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Thighs
Zesty Tuna Salad
Zesty Chicken Breast Au Gratin
"Zing's the Thing" Meatloaf
Zingy Grilled Chicken
Zippity-Doo-Da French Dip Sandwich
Zippy Chicken Salad
Zippy Salmon Quenelles
Zippy Sloppy Joes
Zippy Tuna Boats
Zippy Tuna Sandwiches
Zippy Wings
On the Side (Side Dish Recipes)
A Different Slaw

Apple-Cabbage Horsey Slaw
Ballgame Green Beans with Horseradish Sauce
Bavarian Mustard
Beet Mold
Beet Salad
Berry Radish Cream
Best Potato Salad
Black Olive Black Beans and Rice
Boston Bean Bake Soup
Best Jello Salad in the World
Bloos Day Corned Beef Hash
Buttered Horseradish Mostly Mashed Potatoes
Cabbage-Tomato Slaw
Carrot-Horseradish Bread for Bread Machines
Carrots in Horseradish Sauce
Cauliflower Au Gratin
Cheesey, Horsey Asparagus Bake
Chicken Salad with a Bite
Coleslaw with a Difference
Cool Shrimp Salad
Corned Beef Hash ala Marky
Cranberry Sauce with a Zing
Crazy Captain's Blazing Sandwich Sauce
Creamy Reuben Sandwich Spread
Deviled Horse Eggs
Devilish Carrots
Devilish-Spicy Deviled Eggs
Dot's Passover Horseradish Mold
Easy Smoked Salmon Stuffed Potatoes
Eggs that Scramble You!
Elegant Horseradish Baked Potatoes
Emerald Isle Creamy Horseradish Dressing
Eye Opener Eggs
Firecracker Baked Beans
Fireside Soup
Frozen Horseradish Cream
Golden Lamb Salad
Grandma's Horseradish Pickles
Grandma's Horseradish Sauce
Grandpa's Whittle Dittle Sauce
Ham Sauce
Harvest Wild Rice Casserole
Herbal Potatoes
Holiday Glaze
Honey Horseradish Jello
Horseradish-Bacon Cream Dressing a la Laguna Beach
Horseradish Barbecue Sauce
Horseradish Beets
Horseradish Borsch
Horseradish/Cranberry Relish
Horseradish Chinese Cabbage Slaw
Horseradish Cream
Horseradish Cream 2
Horseradish Cream Sauce
Horseradish Crusted Roasted Red-Skinned Potatoes
Horseradish Dipping Sauce
Horseradish Dressing
Horseradish Dumplings
Horseradish Egg Salad Sauce
Horseradish & Garlic Smashed Potatoes
Horseradish Jelly
Horseradish Kissed Apple/Green Pea Salad
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
Horseradish Mold Salad
Horseradish Mousse
Horseradish Mustard Potatoes
Horseradish New Potatoes
Horseradish Pie
Horseradish Potato Gnocchi with Buerre Noisette
Horseradish Potato Gratinee
Horseradish Potato Pancakes
Horseradish Potato Salad
Horseradish Salad Dressing
Horseradish Sauce
Horseradish Scalloped Potatoes
Horseradish Smashed Potatoes
Horseradish Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes
Horseradish Tomato Vinaigrette
Horseradish Soup
Horseradish Veggies
Horseradish White Bean Sauce
Horseradish Whipped Potatoes
Horseradish Yorkshires
Horsey Eggs
Horsey Garlic Green Beans
Horsey Hashbrown Casserole
Horsezapple Sauce
Horsin’ Around BBQ Saucey Wings
Husk Grilled Corn with Horseradish Butter
Jalapeno Horseradish Carrots
Jeanne's Mean Greens
Jebezel Sauce
Lime Cottage Cheese Salad
Lunch Box Green Bean Salad
Mashed Potato Horseradish Pie
Macaroni Salad
Mixed Greens with Horseradish Dressing
Nice n’ Spicy Muffins
Nippy Zippy Carrots
No Horsen Around Deviled Eggs
Not Yo Mama’s Deviled Eggs
Nothin' Fishy Here Marinade
Oh So Smashing Spuds
Orange Horseradish Mustard
Polish Sausage Wraps
Piquant Potato Salad
Potato Horseradish Salad
Potatoe oh' Patties
Race Day Bloody Mary Mix
Ranch Style New Potato and Chicken Frank Salad
Roast Beef Salad with Horseradish-Mustard Sauce
Robs Bloody Mary Mix
Rootin Tootin Fruit Salad
Rooty Tooty Bacon and Egg Salad
Rooty's Spicy Coleslaw
Russian Creamed Eggs
Salmon New Potato Salad
Savory Sidedish Muffins
Sea Horse Salad Delight
Shrimp Cocktail Soup
Spectacular Molded Salad
Spiced Up Vegetable Sorbet
Spicy PoBoy Sandwich Spread
Spring Carrots
Suncoast Seafood Sauce
Sweet Hot Cranberry Relish
Tabor’s Lime Jello Salad
Tangy Deviled Eggs
Tangy Tomato Pudding
Tantalizing Tuna-Tomato Temptations
Tartar Sauce with a Kick
Think Pink Beet Salad
Three Apples of the Land
Tomato Horseradish Salad Dressing
Tooty Rooty Fall Vegetable Slaw
Tossed Greens with Horseradish Dressing
Vegetable Medley with Horseradish Topping
Venison and Roast Beef Sauce
Warm Beef Salad with Horseradish Vinaigrette
Whew! Macaroni Salad
Winter Vegetable Melange
World’s Best Hot Dog Picnic Spread
Wow Cheese Sauce
Yeow! That's Hot! Mushroom Meltdown Chowder
Yummy Bitey Salad
Yummy Horse & Potato Soup
Yummy Horseradish Pan Gravy
Zesty Beets with Horseradish
Zesty Carrots
Zesty Horseradish Slaw
Zippity Do Da Guacamole
Zippy Bacon Bread
Zippy Carrots
Zippy Chicken Salad
Zippy Layer Salad
Zippy Muffins
Zingy Slaw
Treats for Tots (Kid Friendly Recipes)
All Around Great Dip
Beef and Bacon Boulettas
Bologna Wedges
Burgers with a Secret
Cheeseburgers With a Kick
Chicken Dippin' Sauce
Cowboy Burgers
Cowboys Potato Salad
Fire Drill Dill Dip
Horsey Burgers
Horsey Saltines
Kendrick’s Special Sauce
Lunchbox Brisket Sandwiches with Herbed Horseradish Dressing
Lunchbox Bundles
Mashed Potato Mountain
Peanut Butter del Fuego
Reuben Wraps
Sausage Links with Horseradish Dipping Sauce
Secret Ingredient Jello Salad
Skillet-Fried Chicken Tenders with a Horseradish and Herb Crust
Snow Covered Broccoli Trees
Summertime Sweet and Horsey Chicken
Sweet Potato Dipping Sticks
Texas Tulip Dip
The "Ultimate" Grilled Ham & Cheese
Bloody Mary on Horseback
Bloody Stallion
Firey Bloody Mary
HO HO Hmmm Cocktail
Horseradish Kick Caesar Cocktail
Horsey Oyster Shooter

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